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Western Breeze Refrigeration strives daily to put their clients first. And that is why our staff are client focused, ensuring that the client is at the centre of our business’s philosophy.
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Logistics careers for women

By Innovative Learning Solutions Women are certainly no longer content with being confined to jobs traditionally associated with their gender, rather, they are stepping into roles previously occupied by men.…

Insurance and the cold chain

By Benjamin Brits Protection of perishable products as well as related assets has become increasingly important as global trade continues to reach double-digit increases year on year, and demand for…

Making roads in the cold chain with data logging

By Natalie Martin, consulting writer for Mimic Components | All images by Mimic Components A few years ago a customer enquired about a data logger. He was transporting fresh fruit and vegetables from…

Response to feature in October issue of Cold Link Africa

Compiled by Benjamin Brits Our October issue’s feature titled ‘Refrigerated trucks: Not just a coolerbox’ received the following responses from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and the Southern African Refrigerated Distribution Association…

Refrigerated trucks: Not just a cooler box

By Benjamin Brits Transport forms a major part of the cold chain and is also a critical element in the lifespan of various perishable goods. Post Views: 993

Telematics and the cold chain

By Henry Smith – MiX Telematics Africa Fleet sales director | All photos by MiX Telematics Africa A major part of the cold chain is the various logistics and warehousing, and…