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Production and Processing


Keeping it cool in public cold stores

Compiled by Eamonn Ryan In recent years, the demand for public cold storage facilities across sub-Saharan Africa has surged. Post Views: 126

Fresh from farm to table

By Samuel Jacobs, executive head of business development at Energy Partners. How Cooling-as-a-Service can solve Africa’s cold chain challenges. Post Views: 50
Different electrical tools on wooden background, flat lay.

Tool connectivity is here to stay

By Eamonn Ryan Automation and connectivity have played a large and growing role in the research and development (R&D) of the tool and instrumentation sector of HVAC&R, driving efficiency improvements,…

Rubbing salt into the wound

By Jan Lievens Last week, somebody told me that with some of my articles I rub salt into the wound of the industry… Really? Post Views: 88

Keeping the entire cold chain clean and safe

Compiled by Benjamin Brits Many types of cleaning, disinfection or sterilisation are required at the various points in the cold chain, where appropriate equipment, methods, chemicals and lubricants need to…