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Through groundbreaking innovations, HVACR technology and cold-chain solutions, we are reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency in spaces of all sizes, from residential to commercial to industrial.
Western Breeze Refrigeration strives daily to put their clients first. And that is why our staff are client focused, ensuring that the client is at the centre of our business’s philosophy.
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Compressors – the heartbeat of refrigeration

By Eamonn Ryan The compressor is commonly described as the ‘engine’ or ‘heart’ of a refrigeration system, with the refrigerant being the blood. Post Views: 39

Refrigeration Practitioner registration – 85

By Barney Richardson The South African Bureau of Standards codes of practice and National Standards that covers the legal requirement to be registered as an ‘authorised refrigeration gas practitioner’ is…
Andy perks

Aligning with RETA and ATSI in Africa

By Andrew Perks For those that know me, they will know that I am passionate about sharing technical know-how and knowledge when it comes to Ammonia refrigeration systems. Andrew Perks…