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Cold Link Africa is a unique multi-platform brand that offers useful information addressing all elements of the cold chain – from the producer to the consumer. It is geared at the business to business (B2B) level and our audience, who are typically also influencers or decision makers in the purchasing process, can expect to find both local and international news, technology and trends that will, or have already, shaped the industry towards maintaining the required conditions for perishables that includes foods, pharmaceuticals and horticultural products.

Cold Link Africa also showcases various topical features and case studies, and further carries regular contributions from industry specialists, as well as technical papers around engineering and installation principles – some of which are critical in efficiency for an ever-energy-conscious environment. Related industry association news and updates are also covered by this brand. The audience further enjoy the convenience of suppliers and manufacturers that advertise their products – which are at their fingertips or on the other end of a mouse click.

So, no matter if it’s addressing food security, meeting protocols and regulations to provide safe food and medicine to the end user, logistics, or the latest equipment required to ensure the cold chain enables less and less waste in the future, Cold Link Africa provides quality insight to business that shapes the sector.

Our platforms include:

Printed publication

Digital publication


Monthly newsletter

Social media community

If you have any queries, ideas or comments, we are happy to engage with you – all you need to do is get in touch and the relevant team member will be happy to speak to you.