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Speakers announced for future:gas

An impressive line-up of speakers has been announced for the upcoming future:gas refrigerant seminar series which begins later this month, writes Sandra Rossi for future:gas.

Actrol's Greg Brooker is a guest speaker the upcoming future:gas refrigerant seminar series.Photo by future:gas

Actrol’s Greg Brooker is a guest speaker the upcoming future:gas refrigerant seminar series.Photo by future:gas

Aimed at businesses and technicians working in the installation, service and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, the events will be held in 26 locations across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu between 11 May and 6 September, 2023.

Speakers will deliver vital information on systems and equipment using new refrigerants such as HFOs, CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbon, lower global warming potential (GWP) HFCs such as R32 and various refrigerant blends in addition to other new and upcoming technologies.

These refrigerants and the components and systems designed for them will present significant changes to the tools, working practices, standards and workplace safety considerations relating to installation, repair, service and refrigerant recovery.

Among the expert speakers are people from major global refrigerant and equipment manufacturers, Australian industry associations and the product stewardship scheme that safely destroys refrigerant at the end of its life.

Speakers include Temperzone Australia managing director, Robert Begg, Actrol Reece region leader, Greg Brooker, Refrigerant Reclaim Australia general manager Kylie Farrelley and A-Gas Australia managing director, Brett Ferguson.

Trane Technologies Australia & New Zealand district leader Stuart Kirkwood will also be speaking along with Daikin Australia engineering manager Gary Knox and Sythree principal and director John McCormack (representing Chemours in Australia).

Industry groups are well represented including VASA president and SuperCool Group training division manager Brett Meads, Refrigerants Australia executive director Greg Picker and VASA VP and Rowe Auto Electrical/Jimboomba Batteries director Mark Rowe.

Other speakers include Fujitsu General Australia head of product Kyle Rafter, Actrol test engineer Ed Tutty, A-Gas New Zealand country manager Mitch Williamson and Honeywell representative in Australia Eric Yang.

A range of topics will be covered including the reasons behind refrigerant changes, from environmental and energy efficiency requirements, regulatory changes and market forces plus the potential impact of PFAS laws being tabled overseas.

Speakers will cover a wide range of refrigerants from several perspectives including suitable applications, retrofit potential, safety, sustainability, total cost of ownership, commercial availability, performance, and handling characteristics.

An overview of changes to tools, working practices and equipment standards from a stationary sector perspective (as well as a mobile sector perspective for NZ events).

Conveniently timed on mid-week evenings with entry priced at just USD20 – subsidised by generous corporate sponsorship – and complimentary food and drink provided, future:gas seminars are designed to be as accessible as possible to those working in refrigeration and air conditioning across the stationary and automotive sectors.

Attendees to future:gas seminars will be among the first in Australia to receive a comprehensive overview of new-generation refrigerants, related technologies and the reason for these changes in one knowledge-enhancing evening.