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World Cold Chain Symposium

  • marimac 

Less food waste. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Greater food security. This is the path to addressing hunger and a better future. It takes a more sustainable cold chain to get us there.

Global Food Cold Chain Council
Image credit: Global Food Cold Chain Council

Join the Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC) and experts from around the world as they gather for a virtual event focused on the benefits of expanding a more sustainable and effective cold chain in the post-pandemic world on 14 September 2021.

The GFCCC and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) OzonAction will convene in this virtual symposium next month.

The event will focus on international policies and technology directions related to the sustainable cold chain solutions and their contribution to a global environmental and sustainable development agenda.

It will further host discussion on several ongoing industry-supported initiatives and programmes aimed at tackling the cold chain programme in terms of data and tech assessment as well as technology selection and best practices. Participants will include high-level expert representatives from government, industry, the international community, and NGOs.

For further information and to register please visit the Symposium website here.