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United Nations European Conference approaches

The 20th edition of the United Nations European Conference, International Institute of Refrigeration IIR and Centro Studi Galileo, at the Politecnico di Milano from 8th to 9th June this year, is approaching: more than 40 presentations by leading experts in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat Pumps) sector are expected, providing a lucid, comprehensive and wide-ranging picture of the changes that will affect the sector.

The previous meeting held in 2021. Photo by IRR
The previous meeting held in 2021. Photo by IRR

The last European Conference was organised in 2021 in hybrid modality, that is both in presence and online; it took place before COP26 in Glasgow.

Under the Auspices of the MASE, Italian Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security, the European Conference has been a reference point for the entire sector for almost forty years, a fixed appointment to stay up-to-date thanks to a selection of world-renowned authors. Much anticipation surrounds the various fundamental themes that will be addressed: first and foremost, the fight against climate change, the advent of heat pumps (grown in the last year by 38% in Europe and 11% globally), the industry’s reactions to the new European regulations, and finally, as always, the importance of training and the recognition of human capital.

As always, the conference will be organised thanks to the joint efforts of some of the main global players in the sector: in addition to Centro Studi Galileo and UNEP OzonAction, the event is co-organised by ATF (Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians), IIF/IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris), AREA (Union of twenty-four European refrigeration associations) and REI (Renewable Energy Institute, Centro Studi Galileo’s partner based in Edinburgh).

The European Conference will also be characterised by the achievement of a very important milestone: the 20th edition will in fact be celebrated, a historic occasion that once again confirms the extraordinary contribution of the event to one of the most crucial industrial sectors of the world in which we live, a sector in which Italy stands out as an absolute excellence worldwide.

The full programme of the event is already available on the official website of Centro Studi Galileo:

Women in cooling: an award for the best European installer

Judging is now over: winner to be announced.

The 20th European Conference will also host a unique event within the event: the award ceremony of the first edition of the Women in Cooling Video Competition, organised by AREA and World Refrigeration Day, which will determine who holds the title of the best woman professional in the European RAC sector.

Twelve female installers from all over Europe (3 from Spain 2 France, Turkey 1 Ireland, Poland, Italy, Norway, Slovakia) entered the contest: the final vote took place on 26 May in Estonia, during the AREA General Assembly.

The evaluation committee consisted of:

  • AREA Board of Directors
  • AREA’s Task Force Skills and Working Group Human Capital
  • AREA representatives from INWIC, International Women in Cooling Initiative
  • The World Refrigeration Day Secretariat

The prizes? An all-expenses-paid trip and accommodation to attend the conference in Milan (offered by AREA-ATF), where the founder of World Refrigeration Day, Steve Gill, will personally hand over a cheque in the value of EUR1 000 to the winner.

A new bridge to Africa

In 2021, the 19th European Conference was the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding between AREA and U-3ARC, the newborn African counterpart, signed by the presidents, Marco Buoni and Madi Sakandé.

Over the past two years, U-3ARC has grown to include every single African state, and within the 20th EUConfRAC a new MoU will be signed, this time with the IIR, International Institute of Refrigeration, chaired by Didier Coulomb.

The signing of the document will take place in Milan on 8 June.

Global leading experts in HVACR

Speakers from all over the world, including researchers and scientists from Asia, Africa and North America, are expected to address the audience with over forty keynote speeches of the highest technical level and insights into regulatory frameworks and the latest technical innovations: among others, Sonja Wagner (United Nations – UNEP), Noboru Kagawa (representing the Japanese association JSRAE) and Didier Coulomb, director general of the International Institute of Refrigeration.

The appointment is therefore set for 8-9 June at Politecnico di Milano. Those wishing to attend can book their place directly through the Centro Studi Galileo’s official website, conference; you can keep up to date with the event by following the #XXEUConfRAC tag on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.