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INWIC founding partners will introduce several programs that directly support women. Image credit: WRD | UN

Key international associations and UN team up with WRD

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The cooling sector delivers a tremendous number of benefits ranging from public health to food security to productive and comfortable workplaces and homes. It is a truly vital, dynamic, and rapidly growing field that represents a significant source of high-quality employment worldwide. However, this sector has the potential to contribute even more by increasing the number of women in its ranks at all levels and types of jobs, which include diverse professions ranging from CEOs to professors, from engineers to servicing technicians, just to name a few.Read More »Key international associations and UN team up with WRD

Jay Pittas, newly appointed Tecumseh CEO. Image credit: Tecumseh

Tecumseh appoints new CEO

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These steps will further enhance global operations and customer service. The global leader of commercial refrigeration solutions announced recently that Jay Pittas has been appointed CEO and two proven industry leaders have taken new commercial management roles. The newly appointed management team includes Doug Murdock, president of the Americas, and Ricardo Maciel, president of EMEA/Asia. Ernani Nunes continues to serve as the SVP of global sales & engineering.Read More »Tecumseh appoints new CEO

Image credit: AEFYT

AEFYT releases guide to risk analysis in refrigeration systems

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AEFYT, Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies, presents its ‘Guide to risk analysis in refrigeration systems that use flammable refrigerants’. This aims to offer companies and professionals in the refrigeration sector a practical guide on the measures to be taken during the assembly, commissioning, maintenance, repair and dismantling of refrigeration systems and equipment that use flammable fluids as refrigerants. Read More »AEFYT releases guide to risk analysis in refrigeration systems

The entire food production chain could use isochoric freezing—everyone from growers to food processors, product producers to wholesalers, to retailers. Image credit: Agricultural Research Service

New food freezing concept

Improves quality, increases safety, and cuts energy use. Shifting to a new food freezing method could make for safer and better-quality frozen foods while saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, according to a new study by US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and University of California-Berkeley scientists.Read More »New food freezing concept