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African food logistics

A fruit market in Morocco. Urban populations suffer when the stability of the food system is disrupted. Image credit: Laura Montagnani | Pixabay

Food security in African cities needs a fresh approach

  • marimac 

The world’s urban population is projected to grow by 2.5 billion by 2050, with nearly 90% of the increase in Asia and Africa. In contrast, the rural population is expected to start to stabilise and decline as of 2021. As the global South becomes predominantly urban, food offers a way to look at development opportunities and challenges, as well as the political impact and regional economic role of cities in the future. As one urban planner once put it: a city is what it eats. Understanding the complex, linked challenges of urban governance, development and food systems is becoming more urgent. Food insecurity is rising in cities of the global South, including those in African countries.Read More »Food security in African cities needs a fresh approach