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Smart Store opens as supermarket of the future

Danfoss has today opened its new Smart Store – a working test centre for energy efficient technologies and one of the world’s most energy efficient supermarkets.

It operates as a fully functional COOP 365 discount supermarket. Image supplied by Danfoss
It operates as a fully functional COOP 365 discount supermarket. Image supplied by Danfoss

Leased from Danfoss by Denmark’s largest independent supermarket association, Brugsen for Als and Sundeved, it operates as a fully functional COOP 365 discount supermarket, as well as serves as an application development centre live testing new technology.

Located in Nordborg, near the Danfoss headquarters in southern Denmark, the 1,500m2 Smart Store is said to be approximately 50% more energy efficient than a typical supermarket with a first-generation CO2 refrigeration system, and 20-30% more efficient than an equivalent local store already fitted with multiple energy efficiency solutions.

The store’s circular design and mega-pergola of greenery stands set it apart from traditional rectangular supermarket designs. The 100kW solar panels on the roof serve as the Smart Store’s primary energy source with a number of other energy efficiency solutions employed to reduce the overall energy needs of the store.

A heat recovery unit captures excess heat from the CO2 cooling systems to provide space heating for the entire store, as well as the surrounding community through the local Nordals Fjernvarmeværk district heating network.

The supermarket’s refrigeration system acts like a thermal battery, effectively storing or borrowing cooling capacity in the store freezers while energy is cheap or solar electricity is plentiful, then temporarily switching off the compressors during high-cost peak times until the peak has passed.

Efficient new high-end case controllers save around 8-12% of energy use at system level, while the use of doors on refrigerator and freezer cases adds further savings, as does the use of LED lighting throughout.

“We have developed this new Smart Store supermarket with partners and customers to demonstrate that it is possible to build a climate friendly and super-efficient facility, using world-class heating and cooling technology,” said Danfoss Climate Solutions president Jürgen Fischer. “Our new Smart Store proves that the future is now. This supermarket is purpose-built for the world ahead of us; a world of more urbanisation, larger populations, greater energy demands, a growing need for cooling, and efficient food storage.”

Fischer insisted that Danfoss was reimagining what food retail stores could look like in the 21st century. “For the first time, all of Danfoss’ most cutting-edge technology and energy efficient food retail solutions are being brought together into one retail site. But the new Smart Store supermarket is only the beginning becauseit will also serve as an Application Development Centre, a live testing site for new technologies which we hope will inspire food retailers around the world to move towards zero emissions supermarkets – while making economic sense.”