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SATI Regional overview update

  • marimac 

As reported in the previous review, the Northern Provinces region has ended its packing season, and the Orange River region has since joined them. The Olifants River region is also wrapping up its season and it is evident that the producers of this region will reach its high estimate. The Berg River and Hex River regions are enjoying a good season and both these regions are expecting to harvest large volumes of grapes of excellent quality and condition.

Large volumes of grapes have been forecast at excellent quality. Image credit: SATI

Large volumes of grapes have been forecast at excellent quality. Image credit: SATI

Where the packing seasons of the Northern Provinces and the Orange River regions have already come to an end, the Olifants River region’s season is now also drawing to a close. About three producers are still packing and they should end their season early next week. Indications are there that the Olifants River region will reach its high estimate of 3,4 million cartons. (4,5 kg equivalent).

The Berg River region’s season is a little earlier than usual, and by the end of week 8 the Berg River region has packed over 16 million cartons. Based on historical figures and cultivars still to be packed, this region is well on its way to achieve its high estimate of 19,7 million cartons.

Sweet Globe and Autumn Crisp, two of the Berg River region’s main cultivars, will make up the majority of the harvest for the next few weeks, while fair amounts of Adora Seedless, which has coloured well, will also be packed.

The region is happy with the condition and quality of the grapes, and weather permitting, the volumes might increase with Crimson Seedless and Scarlotta Seedless also coming into the picture.

The Paarl/Wellington area is on schedule, barring one or two producers who have a few late blocks. The Porterville area is busy packing Scarlotta Seedless and the last Adora Seedless, and could end its season during week 12.

The Piketberg area is concluding its season and will harvest the remainder of the Scarlotta Seedless, Crimson Seedless and Adora Seedless towards week 11 and 12.

The producers of the Hex River region are very satisfied with the way things have shaped this season, and it is expected that high volumes will be packed during the next few weeks. Depending on favourable weather conditions, the producers are expecting to harvest large amounts of Crimson Seedless and Autumn Crisp.

The general feeling is that the grapes have been well managed, and everything indicates that the Hex River region should reach its high estimate of 24,3 million cartons.