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Home » SAPICS presenter says ‘Time for industry lip service is over’

SAPICS presenter says ‘Time for industry lip service is over’

Karl Thorington, chief business development officer of Eazi Access, says the fast-evolving supply chain sector, where hi-tech innovations were constantly driving customer expectations and immediate guaranteed deliverables, had put paid to the era of lip service.

 Karl Thorington of Eazi Access will be one of the speakers at the Sapics Conference.
Karl Thorington of Eazi Access will be one of the speakers at the Sapics Conference. Supplied by FLW

Speaking ahead of the Sapics (Professional Body for Supply Chain Management) Conference & Exhibition at Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town on 9–12 June 2024 – which he will attend – Thorington says: “Customers expect greater uptime, lower running costs, greater reliability through service and maintenance from the solutions they procure, so that they can focus on their core businesses.

“The race is on to demonstrate and deliver on promises that have historically been pitched by consultants and are now being pitched by regular rental and service provider companies. They want proof that you have delivered on what you have promised you would do, or you risk losing the contract. Our innovation in product investment and solutions aims to deliver on this.”

Titled ‘Supply Chain Metamorphosis’, the 46th annual Sapics Conference will be looking at ever-evolving supply-chain trends giving rise to new technologies for the market.

According to Eazi Access, the conference will see hundreds of delegates and exhibitors from around the world gather to network, learn and share knowledge through panel discussions, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and case studies presented by local and international experts and industry leaders, with the purpose of advancing world-class supply-chain practices in South Africa.

Talking about the upcoming conference, Thorington says: “I have attended it over a period spanning nearly twenty years, and have watched it evolve in content and format from the early days where the primary exhibitors ranged from truck-rental companies, warehouse design solutions companies, material handling equipment rental and sales, and consultant services, to technological enhancements that are data-driven to improve productivity, efficiencies and enhance the customer experience while understanding their operational effectiveness.”

Thorington explains that customers had become savvier through different digital platforms such as LinkedIn and numerous other technological sites that provided insight for their businesses; however, there was also a great opportunity to show them how they could improve and enhance their operations and, in tandem, benefit their customers.

Source: FLW