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Sampling CO2 gas detector

Our TOC-750S aspirated (sampling) gas detector provides near continuous gas detection for a wide variety of gases, including carbon dioxide.

IGD-TOC-750S sampling CO2 gas detector. Image supplied by International Gas Detectors
IGD-TOC-750S sampling CO2 gas detector. Image supplied by International Gas Detectors

This detector is ideal for freezers or hard to access areas, as the aspirated detector can draw a gas sample from up to 20m away while the sensor element is placed in an easy-to-access environment.

The perfect carbon dioxide detector for freezers or harsh industrial refrigeration plants

The TOCSIN 750S aspirated gas detector from IGD is an addressable aspirated gas detector which allows you to provide gas detection in areas otherwise difficult to access, or harsh to normal diffusion sensors. Featuring our unique piezo pump technology, our aspirated gas detectors have virtually no moving parts and are virtually silent in operation. Thus, reducing maintenance requirement and providing near continuous gas detection up to 20m away.


  • Model type – fixed gas detector (sampling)
  • Sensing range – 0-5% VOL or 0-5 000ppm
  • Weight – 850g
  • Size – see datasheet
  • Detection – NDIR non-dispersive infrared
  • Warranty – two years for the sensor and 10 years on electronics
  • Detector life – five years+
  • Temperature range – -20°C to 55°C
  • Alarm type – requires control panel. Can connect audible/visual alarms to the sensor. Can also include a local display (TOC-750XD part number)
  • Approval – CE, 2004/108/EC (EMC Directive), 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage Directive), EN 50270, IEC 60079-0:2017, IEC 60079-29-1:2016, EN 50721, EN 61010
  • Housing type – Shock proof, corrosion resistant ABS


International Gas Detectors website.

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