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Revamp and refining of global brand identity for GEA

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Already well positioned as a premium brand in many markets, GEA is renowned for its outstanding technical expertise. Now it is time to raise awareness of the company and the brand too among end consumers, explains chief executive officer Stefan Klebert. “Our corporate purpose, ‘engineering for a better world,’ remains at the heart of our brand. With that in mind, we have made our brand identity even more eye-catching with a focus on sustainability and the digital world.”

The new GEA global brand logo. Image credit: GEA
The new GEA global brand logo. Image credit: GEA

The brand refresh was already introduced at the beginning of March 2022 as part of the group’s annual earnings press conference. This coincided with the external and internal digital touchpoints such as the GEA website, social media channels and GEA intranet going live. In addition, the annual and sustainability reports featured the new-look branding.

Strong brand appearance

In essence, the logo represents the GEA brand’s premium quality. Prompted primarily by the need to improve how the logo displays in digital contexts as well as to add dynamism, the refreshed design features a horizontal platform that binds the logo together. With its sharp, precise lines, it embodies technical excellence in engineering. In terms of new colour palette, strong contrasts make a bold statement evoking the break of dawn and the opportunity for improvement each new day brings.

Since icons are integral to modern-day communications, they also play a key role at GEA, especially in digital applications. Here, too, the company has chosen a simple, minimalistic design idiom. An open contour lends the GEA icons a uniquely distinctive look.

The brand refresh is rounded out with a new typography. GEA Sans features a bold, technical appeal that takes its cue from the logo’s latest iteration and is strongly associated with engineering.

“The new GEA brand experience conveys our sustainability DNA and technology leadership in an emotional way,” says Jill Meiburg, SVP Group Communications and Brand. “We want to be seen as approachable and trustworthy, while staying true to our purpose – engineering for a better world – and thereby creating a strong identification with GEA.”