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Reciprocating compressors

M&M Carnot reciprocating compressor packages use heavy-duty compressors designed for use in all types of industrial refrigeration and heat pump applications.

M&M Carnot reciprocating compressor. Image supplied by M&M
M&M Carnot reciprocating compressor. Image supplied by M&M

These reciprocating compressors are suitable for most refrigerants, including NH3 and CO2.

Reciprocating compressors – customer benefits

  • Exceptional performance at full and part load conditions ensures lowest operating cost
  • Optional variable frequency drive (VFD) for higher efficiency gains
  • Low oil carry-over separator design reduces the need for larger, more costly separators
  • Large range of sizes available to meet all application sizes
  • Comes standard with most capable reciprocating compressor control panel

Design features

  • Suction and discharge stop valves
  • Suction strainer
  • Electric oil heater
  • Oil pump and filter
  • Internal relief valve
  • Solenoid valves for capacity control
  • Packaged on steel base frame with isolation mounts
  • Motor mounted with Direct drive flexible coupling and OSHA approve coupling guard

Available reciprocating compressor package options

  • High pressure ammonia compressor packages available for heat pumps to produce water temps from 160⁰F up to 200⁰F
  • High Pressure CO2 compressor packages available for subcritical CO2 applications with condensing from 32⁰F to 65⁰F
  • Hot gas defrost options available for CO2 applications (CO2)
  • Alternative compressor motor enclosures
  • Numerous compressor motor starter configurations
  • Coalescing oil separator
  • Refrigerant cooling
  • Discharge stop/check valves (Ship loose)
  • Belt drive