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New design Interlink trailers

Serco’s new style dry freight interlink trailers boast a higher than the norm loading volume of 141m3 which directly contributes towards lowering transport costs.

The VTS Serco. Image supplied by Serco
The VTS Serco. Image supplied by Serco

The vehicles have impressed the market and Serco already has an order of 16 from a customer, Vicky’s Transport (VTS).

The Superlink trailer configuration has a thorough loading capability to ensure efficient loading and offloading, while the lightweight design chassis offers a payload of 36 tons. The trailers have underslung belly boxes which can be loaded through side access doors as well as from inside the trailer with a lifting floor system.

Accessing the belly boxes from inside the trailer during loading improves loading efficiency and security. The belly boxes have been integrated into the trailer chassis to increase the loading space available and, in addition, the floor is capable of withstanding forklift loading.

VTS has taken delivery of 10 of the vehicles which will be used for the distribution of dry cargo with another six units in build with Serco for delivery during the second half of the year.

VTS needed the extra vehicles after winning a new contract and awarded the business to Serco with whom they have a long-standing relationship.