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New Committed Carbon Reduction Partner (CCRP) accreditation launched

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new Committed Carbon Reduction Partner (CCRP) Accreditation to support contractors in reducing their carbon emissions, winning new business and differentiating themselves from competitors.

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With the UK firmly set on reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, every business should be reducing their carbon footprint across their operations. This move has created an increasing demand for more sustainable suppliers across the industry, and if contractors take action now to make operations more sustainable, they will be well-positioned to win new business both today and into the future.

The new CCRP accreditation will help installer partners prepare for net zero by formally recognising their efforts to reduce carbon emissions across their business. This will allow Partners to differentiate themselves from their competitors by demonstrating their commitment to environmental leadership and responsibility.

Accredited partners will receive a marketing toolkit to help promote this new status, including a certificate, CCRP logo and listing as an accredited Partner on Mitsubishi Electric’s website. This will allow partners to showcase their environmental credentials and meet growing demand from suppliers during tender and specification processes. Successful applicants will also develop the skills, knowledge and experience needed to devise effective carbon reduction strategies, enabling them to stand out within an increasingly sustainability-conscious marketplace.

The accreditation is open to applications from all existing members of Mitsubishi Electric’s partner programme. In order to become a committed carbon reduction partner, partners will need to fulfil a range of criteria including having a carbon reduction plan in place, an established pledge for achieving net zero and a specific training standard.

Oliver Collins, channel marketing manager for Contractors at Mitsubishi Electric said: “We are proud to be launching the Committed Carbon Reduction Partner Accreditation which will equip partners with the credentials needed to win business in an increasingly environmentally conscious world. We firmly believe that by working together, we can also make a lasting and positive impact on the wider construction industry.”