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Livance dealer conference 2024 reveals new VRF product line

By Eamonn Ryan

Livance hosted its Dealer Conference and Awards ceremony in Johannesburg on 2 June 2024, profiling Livance itself, Midea, and some new products as well as a new division focusing on the energy market. RACA Journal was there to cover the event.

The V8 Series Heat Recovery VRF.
The V8 Series Heat Recovery VRF. © RACA Journal

The opening presentation was by Craig Fowlds, Livance director, who described the vision of the group as being to initially become the second ranked HVAC brand in South Africa by 2025, measured not only by market share but also by brand perception and information positioning. This was a step on its route to becoming the premier brand.

“A significant focus of our strategy lies in Media Building Technologies (MBT), where we aim to achieve a 30% year-over-year growth rate. This growth will be driven by expansion into new territories and a concerted effort to innovate within existing markets.

“Within air conditioning solutions, we are poised for expansion into new geographies, with a particular emphasis on advanced technologies such as VRF and chilled water systems. The cutting-edge features we are rolling out demonstrate our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

“Reflecting on our strategic targets, it’s clear that collaboration across different spheres is essential for our success. We engage with consultants to bolster brand acceptance, work with businesses on the B2B front, and rely heavily on our relationships with contractors for support. Together, we form a cohesive ecosystem driving our collective progress,” says Fowlds.


A glimpse into cutting-edge VRF offerings

The V8 Series Heat Recovery VRF was released at the conference.


Its specifications are:


  • Discover Reliable Comfort. The reliable choice for small to large buildings.
  • 8-120HP capacity range
  • Fully ShiledBox
  • New HyperLink connection
  • META 2.0 technology
  • Zen Air 2.0 technology
  • Doctor m. 2.0 technology
  • Module, compressor, fan and sensor quadruple backup operation technology