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Liquid level sensor

HB Products’ liquid level sensor for liquid CO2 and other refrigerants in gas – typically used in refrigeration systems and similar applications.

HB Products’ liquid level sensor for liquid CO2.
HB Products’ liquid level sensor for liquid CO2. Supplied by HB Products

The sensor is available in several standard lengths and can be delivered in customised lengths as well –from 200mm up to 3 000mm. The sensor is suitable for liquid refrigerant from -55°C to until the CO2 get transcritical at 31°C and has an IP66 classification.

The sensor is designed for 150 bar system pressure and has a split design, which allows for replacement of the electronic unit without depressurising the system.

The sensor uses the capacitive measuring principle and has no moving mechanical parts.

The power supply is 24V AC/DC, and the sensor can be delivered with a built-in controller able to control an expansion valve directly. An M12 connection plug is used for electrical connection and can be setting up the sensor and controller using the HB tool.

The output is 4–20mA linear to the level 0–100% or 100–0%. Dead zones and alarms can be applied together with other features in the HB tool.

The standard sensor is CE compliant and a special ATEX/Ex version with a two-wire output is available.

Source: HB Products