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IRC and IIAR present new on-demand online training programme

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Fundamentals of mechanical integrity for ammonia refrigeration systems: it is anticipated that course participants will become familiar with the advantages of maintaining the mechanical integrity of a closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration system and be able to apply those principles to a safely operated system.

Image credit: IIAR

The Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC) and the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) present this course that is intended to serve as continuing education for industrial refrigeration professionals whose job responsibilities include safe operation of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems.

This audience would include plant managers, maintenance directors and supervisors, designers, engineering managers, facility engineers, facility managers, refrigeration operators/technicians, mechanical engineers, and refrigeration engineers, as well as employees who focus on regulatory requirements for ammonia refrigeration systems.

The Mechanical Integrity certificate course includes five training sessions, each approximately two hours long, delivered as a PowerPoint presentation with lecture with accompanying readings. At the end of the first four sessions, you must successfully complete a homework assignment related to the session material. To receive a certificate and continuing education credit, participants will be required to complete all homework assignments as well as a final course examination, which is included in the course registration fee.

The final course examination will be administered online. Qualified registrants MUST have paid their Certificate Course tuition and MUST have successfully completed all homework assignments.

We recommend these minimum requirements for individuals interested in participating in this program:

  • General knowledge of the physical properties of ammonia
  • Familiarity with design, operation, and maintenance of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Working knowledge regarding equipment that may be employed in operational closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems

After completing the ‘Fundamentals of Mechanical Integrity’ certificate course, learners will have:

  • Developed a foundational understanding of regulatory requirements that relate to managing the mechanical integrity of ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Become familiar with the codes, standards, and guidelines applicable to mechanical integrity for all ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Gained an understand of the various mechanisms that degrade the mechanical integrity of ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Acquired knowledge of basic principles applicable to conducting mechanical integrity inspections for piping and pressure vessels.

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