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IIR present the Encyclopaedia of Refrigeration

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The IIR’s Encyclopedia of Refrigeration brings together a set of synthetic articles on refrigeration technologies and applications.

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Rather than comprehensively covering a topic, they have been prepared with the objective of providing the main information, while referring the reader to various sources of additional information to go deeper into the subject, to FRIDOC in particular.

For easy access to its quality resources, the content of the Encyclopedia is classified by IIR themes, such as:

  • Refrigerants and secondary refrigerants
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Heat pumps, energy recovery
  • General information on refrigeration, energy, and environment

Visitors will find two types of content in the Encyclopedia:

  • Key figures

The key figures are presented as tables, statistical diagrams and graphs which have been created using data from renowned reference sources such as UNEP RTOC, UNFCCC, GCCA, IGU, etc. With such data-based summary documents, the Encyclopedia will serve as a repository of key refrigeration figures updated annually or bi-annually by global and regional organisations.

Did you know? The Encyclopaedia features tables presenting the main thermophysical properties of over 100 HFC refrigerants, over 20 hydrocarbon refrigerants and over 50 HFO refrigerants.

  • Summary documents

These thematic files present a brief overview of a key notion (e.g. Hydrocarbon refrigerants) or an innovative refrigeration technology, and provide fundamental insight on their application.

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