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GCCA: Announcing release of informational video

As a vital industry for food safety in Africa, the GCCA Africa chapter aims to work with the government to address the challenges of workforce innovation, supply chain management and employee education. It has therefore created an informative video to showcase the benefits of cold chain for food security and preservation in Africa.

Image supplied by Eamonn Ryan | Cold Link Africa
Image supplied by Eamonn Ryan | Cold Link Africa

Paul Gibbons, CEO of CCH and chairman of the GCCA African Strategic Advisory Council, told the second annual GCCA Cold Chain conference held last week in Cape Town that the video is funded and supported by members, and thanked them for their contributions. “We will use this video for social media marketing and advocacy with the government to seek relief from load shedding and other issues. Please watch this video and share it with your networks. Together, we can grow and strengthen our cold chain industry in Africa.

“We are an important industry advocating food safety, and this video assists us to work with government to ensure the food safety of our continent, workforces, innovation in the cold chain, and educating employees in operational matters.”

“That’s been some of the focus areas and for the strategic advisory council. This information video will help promote the industry and the benefits that we can bring you to the continent. It’s been funded by the industry, and it’s available to all members. And we will be using that in social media marketing and promotional videos to approach government in further discussions around what relief can we receive as an industry.”

The theme of the video is as follows: “When you’re dealing with the world’s hottest continent, cold is gold and saving food is saving lives. Let’s all start working together to preserve, value and secure food across Africa, by growing and strengthening our cold chain. There is enough food in Africa to feed the continent, and almost 40% of the food for young and old get spoiled, always because it isn’t safely stored and transported within the cold chain. We don’t have a food problem in Africa, we have a cold chain problem.”

“What is a cold chain? A cold chain means the number of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, and dairy products are kept carefully control temperature from the time they are formed or cold until they land on the chopping box. The cold chain keeps your perishable foods fresh, safe and of sound quality. Food security is definitely one of Africa’s biggest problems. But a consistent, reliable cold chain can help turn things around. You can outsource your cold chain needs. Whether you are a food producer or trader, anyone cannot get the benefits of a cold chain without investing in expensive cold storage facilities or refrigerated vehicles.”

“Cold storage energy is an extremely technical and scientific expertise and expensive capital investment. It makes sense to outsource your cold chain needs. You don’t need to worry about things like electricity and water availability, or the cost of running, fixing and upgrading your facilities, vehicles and systems will cover things like seasonal variations in your refrigeration models. Together, we can grow and strengthen the cold chain in Africa. It will help defend infrastructure and create jobs, all along working towards food safety, food security and availability across the African continent.”