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Exploring IoT technologies to unlock efficiencies in the cold chain (Part 3)

By Eamonn Ryan

One of the speakers at the Cold Chain Refrigeration Logistics and Technology Summit was Cassandra Barnes, CEO of CLCircular SA. This article is derived from her presentation, and is part three of a three-part article.

Cassandra Barnes, CEO of CLCircular SA.
Cassandra Barnes, CEO of CLCircular SA. ©Cold Link Africa

The theme of her presentation was ‘Cold chain visibility and monitoring – innovating for smarter and faster delivery. IoT technologies – real time monitoring of refrigerated goods in transit’.


Unlocking the power of data in the cold chain

Barnes continued her presentation by emphasising the untapped potential of the data collected throughout the cold chain. While many clients currently use data loggers primarily for insurance purposes, Barnes highlighted the broader possibilities of leveraging this data to optimise cold chain operations.

“There’s so much more that you can do with the data you’re already collecting,” Barnes explained. “By analysing this data, you can identify inefficiencies within your cold chain and take proactive measures to address them.”

Drawing from her experience working closely with agricultural businesses, Barnes acknowledged the unique challenges of the South African market and the need for tailored solutions. Through continuous development and customisation of CLCircular’s products, the company has ensured that their offerings are accessible and adaptable to the diverse needs of their clients.

“Our goal is to democratise access to technology. Whether you’re a large exporter or a small-scale farmer, we want to ensure that everyone has access to the tools they need to optimise their cold chain.”

Key to CLCircular’s approach is their cloud-based platform, which centralises all data for easy access and analysis. Barnes highlighted their focus on predictive analytics, using AI and machine learning to identify potential issues before they occur and provide actionable insights to clients.

“We’re not just providing data; we’re providing actionable insights,” she emphasised. “Through AI and machine learning, we’re able to detect anomalies in real-time and help clients mitigate risks before they escalate.”

Furthermore, Barnes discussed CLCircular’s commitment to integration, offering API integrations into clients’ existing software systems to streamline operations and provide a seamless user experience.

“Our goal is to make data actionable and accessible. By integrating our temperature data into clients’ existing software systems, we’re ensuring that they have all the information they need in one place.”

As Barnes concluded her presentation, she reiterated her passion for empowering clients to leverage data effectively to drive meaningful change in their cold chain operations.

“Our mission is to enable our clients to harness the power of data,” she concluded. “With reliable information and actionable insights, we’re helping businesses across the cold chain optimise their operations and achieve greater efficiency.”