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Exploring IoT technologies to unlock efficiencies in the cold chain (Part 1)

By Eamonn Ryan

One of the speakers at the Cold Chain Refrigeration Logistics and Technology Summit was Cassandra Barnes, CEO of CLCircular SA. This article is derived from her presentation and is part one of a three-part article.

Cassandra Barnes, CEO of CLCircular SA.
Cassandra Barnes, CEO of CLCircular SA. ©Cold Link Africa

Barnes took the stage to share insights into the transformative potential of IoT technologies in the cold chain industry. The theme of her presentation was ‘Cold chain visibility and monitoring – innovating for smarter and faster delivery. IoT technologies – real time monitoring of refrigerated goods in transit’.

CLCircular SA is a subsidiary of the Spanish tech company CSR, and Barnes brings over 15 years of experience in the electrical and technology fields, with a strong focus on sales and brand development.

Barnes emphasised the critical role of IoT devices in digitising and optimising cold chain processes. CLCircular specialises in the rental of monitoring devices tailored for the transportation of perishable goods and pharmaceuticals. These devices provide real-time data throughout the entire cold chain, ensuring transparency, security and speed in logistics operations.

“At CLCircular, we believe that in order to drive meaningful change in the cold chain industry, we must first gather actionable data,” Barnes explained. “Our affordable and sustainable IoT devices offer a reusable solution, enabling us to collect valuable insights and optimise cold chain management.”

Addressing the unique challenges faced by African markets, she highlighted the importance of making IoT technology accessible and user-friendly. “Many African businesses lack the resources and expertise to implement advanced technology solutions. That’s why we’re committed to providing comprehensive support and education to help businesses harness the power of IoT.”

In today’s fast-paced logistics environment, real-time decision-making is paramount. “Transparency, security, and speed are the cornerstones of effective cold chain management,” Barnes emphasised. “We cannot afford errors or delays, which is why access to timely and accurate data is crucial.”

Looking ahead, she underscored the need for proactive data utilisation. “It’s not enough to simply collect data. We must leverage this data to drive continuous improvement and innovation in the cold chain industry.”

Barnes left the audience with a clear message: “By embracing IoT technologies, we can unlock new levels of efficiency and reliability in the cold chain, ultimately ensuring the safe and timely delivery of perishable goods to consumers around the world.”