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Eurovent publishes Polyvalent Unit Recommendation

The Eurovent Task Force ‘Polyvalent Units’ (TF-POL) has released its first ever Recommendation on the seasonal efficiency index STER for polyvalent units. The Recommendation gives details on formulas used for obtaining STER index.

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The Recommendation details a newly proposed seasonal energy efficiency parameter for polyvalent units called STER. It further outlines each detailed frame in three chapters. Chapter one explains the definition of what a polyvalent unit is and its functionality. Chapter two defines the standard climate profiles, operating hours, loads and temperature regimes that are considered. The last chapter outlines the calculation method and formulas for obtaining the STER index and related parameters.

Alberto Ferrandi, product manager at BlueBox Group and chairperson of the TF-POL stated: “Creation of a dedicated seasonal efficiency index for polyvalent units is the first important step to enhance market knowledge and understanding of these units. I am happy that together with the task force members, we have managed to create this Recommendation which will be helpful in educating on the seasonal energy efficiency parameter for polyvalent units.”

This document was published by Eurovent and prepared in a joint effort by participants of the Task Force ‘Polyvalent Units’ (TF-POL), which are comprised of participants from product group ‘Air Conditioners’ (PG-AC) and product group ‘Liquid Chilling Packages and Heat Pumps’ (PG-LCP-HP). The document can be downloaded free of charge in the Eurovent Document Library.