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ASHRAE awards: 2024 Chicago Winter Conference Part 2

ASHRAE acknowledged the exceptional achievements and contributions of its members to both the Society and the built environment during its 2024 Winter Conference in Chicago. This is Part 2 of a two-part article.

Continued from Part 1…

ASHRAE awards: 2024 Chicago Winter Conference. Images supplied by ASHRAE
ASHRAE awards: 2024 Chicago Winter Conference. Images supplied by ASHRAE

A list of the awards and recipients continue below.

Student Design Competition

The 2023 Student Design Competition focused on the design of a new laboratory building, which consists of a large single-story building with a rooftop penthouse in Cairo, Egypt. The total building area is approximately 2 515 m2. As part of the project, new HVAC systems were to be designed for the new laboratory facility. The building consists of a wet bench lab, dry bench lab, research support offices, common area for circulation, secured high density data centre room, penthouse, common reception area, researcher offices, storage, resting pods room and social room.

First place in the HVAC Design Calculations category was awarded to the University of Nebraska. Team members are Jackson Fritch, John Latta and Clayton Riley.

First place in the HVAC System Selection category was awarded to the University of Sheffield. Team members are Lawrence Copestick, Hasan Shwaish, Hitaishi Gayatri Gopaul, Cian Silaghi and Zain Tariq.

First place in the Setty Family Foundation Net Zero Energy Design category was awarded to Loughborough University. Team members are Thomas Crook, Girishkumar M. Gudnennavar, Mirza Habeebullah Baig, Ziqiu (Alex) He and Rodrigo Gonzalez Morra.

The Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge

In the 2023 Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge, students designed a portable IAQ health meter to detect contaminants in spaces and display the levels of different toxins to the user. The system considered multiple system variables, including space temperature, humidity and contaminant level, as outlined in ASHRAE Standard 62.1, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, as well as outdoor condition and other related IAQ issues.

The first-place student team is from Bandung Institute of Technology. Team members are Lie Kevin Marcellino Gunawan, Andrew Tanuwijaya, Nur Fharhan Al Fariz, Frederick Ebenezer Leonard, Muhammad Maulvi Mirza Chairat and Muhammad Arghy Rafidan.

Paul Anderson Award

Eckhard A. Groll, Ph.D., Fellow Member ASHRAE, received the F. Paul Anderson Award. The award is ASHRAE’s highest technical achievement given for notable achievement of outstanding services performed in the HVAC&R field. Groll is the William E. and Florence E. Perry head of mechanical engineering and Reilly professor of mechanical engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.

E.K. Campbell Award of Merit

Filza H. Walters, Fellow Member ASHRAE, received the E.K. Campbell Award of Merit. The award honors an individual for outstanding service and achievement in teaching and is presented by the Life Members Club. Walters is professor of practice, Architectural Engineer Programme, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering, College of Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

John F. James International Award

Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed, Ph.D., received the John F. James International Award. The award recognises a member who has done the most to enhance the Society’s international presence. Mohamed is chairman and partner, Middle East Gate Holding, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

YEA Inspirational Leader Award

Ghina Annan received the YEA Inspirational Leader Award. The award recognizes a Young Engineer in ASHRAE (YEA) member who has gone above and beyond to make considerable contributions to the industry and community. Annan is decarbonization business lead, Stantec, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

ASHRAE Hall of Fame

Benjamin T. Bootle, Jr., P.E. (1931-1996) and Prem C. Jain, Ph.D., Fellow Life Member ASHRAE (1936-2018), were inducted into the ASHRAE Hall of Fame. The ASHRAE Hall of Fame honors deceased members of the Society who have made milestone contributions to the growth of ASHRAE-related technology or the development of ASHRAE as a society.



Supplied by ASHRAE.