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AEFYT releases guide to risk analysis in refrigeration systems

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AEFYT, Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies, presents its ‘Guide to risk analysis in refrigeration systems that use flammable refrigerants’. This aims to offer companies and professionals in the refrigeration sector a practical guide on the measures to be taken during the assembly, commissioning, maintenance, repair and dismantling of refrigeration systems and equipment that use flammable fluids as refrigerants.

Image credit: AEFYT
Image credit: AEFYT

Within the framework of the Safety Regulation for Refrigerating Installations (RSIF) a new category of flammability was contemplated within the L2 group of refrigerants, which allows the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential and slightly flammable in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. This regulation, in its article 21, modifies the uses in which a risk analysis must be carried out by the installation companies based on the category of the installations, the level of the refrigerator and the flammability of the refrigerants used.

In this framework, a document was needed that could serve as a guide to facilitate the work of installers and help them clarify the performance of risk analysis in case the installation requires it. Specifically, it provides information on when it is necessary to perform a risk analysis according to the maximum load calculation for A2L, A2 and A3 refrigerants, as well as the steps that the installer must take in the procedure to perform the risk analysis. Thus, the purpose of the guide is to identify the most common risks, adequately disclose them and suggest how to combat them to run refrigeration facilities and protect professionals from the cold and the material goods of user companies.

For the elaboration of the guide, the collaboration of member companies of AEFYT has been essential, which have contributed their knowledge and a much-needed practical vision in these cases. In addition to the consulting firm GESEME, AKO, ASOFRÍO, EXKAL, BC-SYSTEM, CHEMOURS, GEA, INTARCON, KIMIKAL and GRUPO DISCO have participated in the guide.

“With this guide we want to offer cold professionals a practical and reference document for the sector. It includes the potential risks existing in the use of slightly flammable refrigerants and the preventive measures to be adopted by and for workers in the sector for the safe use of this type of fluids, whose contribution to the energy efficiency of the facilities is crucial ” , said Manuel Lamúa, manager of AEFYT.

Source: RefIndustry