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9th IIR Conference on Ammonia and CO₂ Refrigeration Technologies

  • marimac 

Register today to the upcoming IIR Conference to take place online between 16-17 September 2021, where over the two days there will be 5 keynotes and 29 presentations delivered across various aspects and sectors involved in refrigeration.


Bridging the gap between industry and academia, the 9th IIR Conference on Ammonia and CO₂ Refrigeration Technologies will focus on the intensifying global trend towards using natural refrigerants, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, in various refrigeration applications worldwide.

This online conference will address the design of modern ammonia and new CO₂ systems and technological innovations, improving energy efficiency as well as technical guidelines, environmentally friendly technologies, and safety regulations.

Registered delegates will have access to the recorded sessions for up to 10 days after the conference.

The programme includes topics such as the following:

  • Optimising energy use in refrigeration systems
  • The future of low charge NH3 refrigerating plants
  • Steps towards the low and ‘net-zero’ emissions future
  • Energy consumption of ammonia refrigeration system on board fishing vessel
  • Application of a semi-empirical modelling approach to a two-stage rotary CO₂ compressor
  • Thermodynamic properties of lubricant – supercritical CO₂ mixtures at high temperatures
  • Advanced design for CO₂ compressors in industrial applications

To view the full programme, visit the site here.