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7th IIR international conference on sustainability and the cold chain confirmed for 2022

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The conference will take place 11 to 13 April 2022. In light of the continuing uncertainty regarding large gatherings and international travel, the decision has been made to move the International Sustainability and the Cold Chain Conference to an online event. The IOR is building on its experience and success in running online conferences and will be hosting this event in the virtual world. Delegates will take part in an immersive conference experience that is globally accessible.

Image credit: IOR
Image credit: IOR

As well as the main technical sessions the conference will offer facilitated coffee lounge discussions where delegates will be able to interact with expert hosts, ask questions of anyone or everyone on the session and take part in live polls. We will also offer an area for one-to-one conversations and group meetings.

Delegates from the developing world and students will be able to attend this event at a reduced rate.

Who should attend?

End users, component manufacturers, senior representatives of engineering, marketing and product development, innovation leaders, professors, researchers, teachers, students, system and equipment designers, equipment and system buyers, professional engineers, production and operation managers, and policymakers.


The conference will be a platform to share expertise on the cold chain. Papers will explore cold chain innovation, developments in refrigeration technology and design, and examine what is being done to build a sustainable cold chain in developing nations in order to address key UN sustainable development goals related to hunger, health, energy, education, economic growth, infrastructure, sustainable cities, responsible production (reducing food waste), climate action and partnerships.

This event will explore topics related to:

  • Innovation in the cold chain
  • Retail refrigeration, technology development and design
  • Building a sustainable cold chain in developing nations

Papers will be invited under the topics of:

  • Storage, transportation, and logistics
  • Modelling and predictive tools
  • Food quality, food safety, reducing food waste
  • Pharmaceutical cold chain
  • New technologies in design
  • Sustainability and reducing climate change in the whole sector
  • Innovations in energy supply, management, and storage
  • The roles and responsibility of the international cooling community
  • How consumers are driving a more ethical cold chain
  • Energy use, heat recovery and demand reduction
  • Sustainable and cost-effective refrigerant options
  • Renewable technologies and energy generation
  • Reducing the climate impact of refrigerants and refrigerant leakage throughout the cold chain
  • Evolving and developing markets
  • Carbon footprinting and reducing environmental impact
  • Capacity building in developing countries
  • Opportunities for collaborative working, funding of innovation and technology transfer

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