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Beating climatic challenges

By: John Ackermann – editor

The heat wave that has hit many areas of South Africa since early December 2015 and the severe drought, will have a far-reaching impact on the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector

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‘The Age of Food Efficiency’ starts now!

“One third or more of the food we produce each year is never eaten, yet more than 50% of the wasted food can have its shelf life extended by the cold chain.” – David Appel, 2015 World Cold Chain Summit to Reduce Food Waste

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Saving water in food-and-beverage processing

Most food products contain water and, in the case of the beverage industry, water is usually a major component of the product. To both reduce water use and loading on wastewater systems requires proper instrumentation and control of filling and packaging operations. What other tips can be taken to reduce water in this crucial link in the cold chain?

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Tips for efficient refrigerated/freezer storage

As local temperatures continue to soar high into the 40s in some parts of South Africa, maintaining an efficient cold chain is becoming harder by the day. By the time perishables reach the warehouse, storage life might already be drastically reduced due to exposure to higher ambient temperatures. What is the effect of this on the product?

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