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Saving water in retail – tips

It’s important that every single link in the cold chain work together to save water – especially as the country’s drought continues. So how can you reduce water in your retail business? We take a look at some simple tips…

SAP-Business-One-RetailWater is a precious commodity that is often taken for granted by many retail businesses. However, making even small changes to your business can save water and reduce your costs. Fitting simple water-saving devices in washrooms or toilets can reduce water use by up to 40%.

The actions your business can take to reduce its water use could include:

  • taking regular and accurate meter readings to track your overall water use;
  • detecting leaks and overflows within your business;
  • ensuring key members of staff know how to isolate your water supply;
  • assessing water pressure as high pressure can result in excessive water use and cause leaks;
  • fitting a quarter-turn isolation valve to regulate water flow;
  • reducing heat loss or gain by not running hot and cold pipes close together;
  • reducing the amount of water used for cleaning and rinsing;
  • making a commitment to use less water as part of your business' environmental policy; and
  • setting targets to reduce water use.

There are also a number of simple and cost-effective technologies that you can use to reduce water use in your business. These devices include:

  • cistern volume adjusters and low-volume flush cisterns;
  • proximity sensors fitted in urinals;
  • hand detectors on taps;
  • rainwater collection; and 
  • sub-metering on individual washrooms to analyse use.


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