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Climate change and the cold chain

Thanks to the effects of climate change, many perishable products are becoming harder to come by. Shifting rainfall patterns and growing seasons as well as hotter weather are making it harder for farmers to grow (and supply) food reliably.

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The Stirling cycle cooler investigated

In our search for refrigeration alternatives, we came across the Stirling cycle cooler, a member of a family of closed-cycle regenerative thermal machines. Do you know how these work? We take a look…

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Looking at magnetic refrigeration

How does magnetic refrigeration work as an alternative and what is it generally used for? We continue looking at alternative refrigeration technologies to see what else is out there.

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What is an evaporative fridge?

Next on our list of alternative refrigeration technologies – the evaporative fridge. When are these a good idea? We even have a video on how it works, check it out!

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