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Assessing Kenya’s cold chain

The Global Cold Chain Alliance recently did a rapid, two-month assessment of Kenya’s cold chain, detailing recommendations for each cold chain driver, as well as the specifics links within the cold chain from post-harvest to retail. What did they have to say?

Read more: Assessing Kenya’s cold chain

Developing the cold chain in sub-Saharan Africa

A policy brief based on the proceedings of the ‘Regional workshop on the use of the cold chain in the development of agriculture and agro-industries in sub-Saharan Africa’ looks at the current status of cold chains in sub-Saharan Africa.

Read more: Developing the cold chain in sub-Saharan Africa

HCFC update from UNIDO

Tsegahiwot Belachew, consultant with UNIDO’s Montreal Protocol Branch, looks at where South Africa is with the HCFC phase out and the way forward.


Read more: HCFC update from UNIDO

How frozen peas are ‘made’

We continue to look at frozen vegetables and the cold chain it follows. The actual process of freezing a food item varies somewhat depending on what is to be frozen. But as peas are the most common frozen vegetable, we take a look at this process...

Read more: How frozen peas are ‘made’

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