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R427A as a substitute for R22

This refrigerant blend was introduced some years ago under the trade name Forane FX100 (Arkema). In the meantime it is listed in the ASHRAE nomenclature as R427A. How suitable is R427A for converting existing R22 systems?

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R22 alternatives: looking at R417A, R417B, R422D and R438A

One of the aims for the refrigerant developments in question was to provide chlorine-free refrigerants (ODP = 0) for the simple conversion of existing R22 plants.

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R410A as substitute for R22

In addition to R407C, there is a near azeo-tropic blend being offered with the ASHRAE designation R410A. It is widely used already, mainly in air conditioning applications.

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HFC alternatives for R22

As the HCFC refrigerant R22 (ODP = 0,05) is accepted only as a transitional solution, a number of chlorine-free (ODP = 0) alternatives have been developed and tested extensively. They are already being used on a large range of applications.

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