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Accelerate looks at the age of Hydrocarbons

The latest special edition of Accelerate Corporate looks at how hydrocarbons are expanding into a wider range of business sectors and applications. Download the digital copy now!


‘As technology develops and the global HFC phase-down picks up pace, natural refrigerants are cementing their place not just as market-ready alternatives today but also as the future-proof HVAC&R solutions of tomorrow,’ writes Accelerate Corporate editor Andrew Williams in the September edition.

The rest of Williams’ editor’s column reads as follows, highlighting the interesting articles that can be found in this edition of Accelerate.

Hydrocarbons – already dominant in the domestic refrigeration market in many parts of the world – are solidifying their place in the commercial and light commercial sectors. Globally, they are making their presence felt.

The only household refrigeration markets that remain largely untouched by hydrocarbons, for example, are North America and Africa. We take an in-depth look at these and other market trends in our special feature (p26).

For hydrocarbons to make inroads into new areas of application, however, charge limits will need to be revised. This year, standards bodies in the United States and worldwide will consider increasing these limits amid mounting pressure from industry (p30).

Embraco, a multinational company focused on refrigeration solutions, is banking on disruptive technologies to stay ahead of the pack. We sat down with CEO Luis Felipe Dau to find out how the company sees the position of hydrocarbons in the global HVAC&R market unfolding in the future (p8).

Our series of case studies from around the world provides a snapshot of how innovative solutions are helping end users in different sectors of the economy to make the switch to hydrocarbons.

From professional kitchens to medical laboratories, a growing number of markets are taking advantage of the efficiency and versatility of hydrocarbons. In domestic and light commercial refrigeration, their use is projected to grow significantly. Criotec and Thermo Fisher Scientific are among the companies banking on hydrocarbons to improve cooling system performance (p16).

In Brazil, two innovative companies with close ties to that country – Embraco and Eletrofrio – are helping Mig supermarkets to adopt propane-based plug 'n’ play cabinets (p12).

In Europe, natural refrigerants are helping the Colruyt Group to save money and deliver on environmental targets. The Belgian retailer is moving to hydrocarbons for 100% of its in-store cooling needs (p20).

Brewing giant Heineken also recognises the business case for natural refrigerants. CEO Jean-François Van Boxmeer argues that sustainable refrigeration is one of the best investments that companies can make to secure our planet’s future (p23).

All the end users featured in this issue recognise the role that hydrocarbons can play in putting the world on a more sustainable footing for future generations.

Check out the digital copy of Accelerate Corporate’s Hydrocarbon edition.

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