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ID Logistics boasts new cold chain distribution facility

By Ilana Koegelenberg
Multistage Cooling (MSC) recently completed the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the entire refrigeration system for the new ID Logistics regional centre in the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) in Port Elizabeth.

Although MSC has been involved with all different kinds of projects at Danone’s main branch in Anderbolt, Boksburg, this time MSC was awarded the contract for the ID Logistics CDC in Port Elizabeth.

ID Logistics is the distributor for Danone products. Being situated in the Coega Development Corporation Zone, it makes an excellent cold chain distribution facility for the Eastern Cape.

The professional team
Royal Haskoning DHV, headed by Piet Strachan (principal associate – sector operations manager – building and structure EC) was appointed as the agent in charge to oversee the construction of the entire project.

WBHO Eastern Cape was awarded with the building contract as the principal contractor and MSC appointed as the nominated sub-contractor to WBHO under the Joint Building Contracts Committee Construction Agreement (JBCC).

About the system
MSC was responsible for the design, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the entire refrigeration system. The plant consists of a large cold room, ambient (dry) area, plant room, outside condensers and PHEs and loft area for the valve assemblies.

The system has been designed with ammonia as the primary refrigerant and glycol as the secondary refrigerant for cooling all the temperature controlled spaces (maintained at 2 to 4oC).

Danone internationally have always insisted that the plant be designed with a secondary refrigerant and at the same time the primary section should be designed with a minimum charge of ammonia for safety compliance and environmental friendliness. At ID, Coega the ammonia charge is limited to the plant room.

Operating at an air temperature of 2 to 4oC there was a need for some kind of system to defrost the glycol blower coils when necessary.

“We designed the system for warm glycol to defrost the coils using a heat recovery system from the evaporative condensers instead of the traditionally used electric heating elements,” explains Bob Vuletic of MSC.

The following equipment was used:

  • SS blower coils: manufactured by HC Heat Exchangers in Johannesburg.
  • Compressors: Two GEA V700 series.
  • Condensers: Two Evapco (one is in standby).
  • Ammonia separator: manufactured by Ilva General Engineering in Johannesburg.
  • Four plate heat exchangers: Alfa Laval, in Johannesburg, Two for cooling and two for heat recovery for defrosting.
  • Two 2 000ℓ glycol tanks – manufactured by Interfab, Johannesburg. (One for cold glycol and one for warm glycol.) Each tank has a division to separate hot and cold glycol
  • Two primary Grundfos pumps for cold glycol and two for the warm glycol (one of each in standby).
  • Two secondary Grundfos pumps for cold glycol distribution and two or the warm glycol Total of 8 pumps of which 4 are standby
  • Electrical MCC: manufactured by IMC in Cape Town.
  • Pipe and pressure vessel insulation with stainless steel cladding: Coolag in Cape Town.
  • PLC control and Plant Visor: Carel.

A job well done
Although MSC started late with the installation because of delays in civil work (caused by bad weather conditions), they managed to complete the plant before the actual planned completion date.

MSC was complimented by the project director of WBHO for the excellent work and continuous co-operation for the duration of the project. “We found MSC to be highly professional, very knowledgeable, and extremely co-operative throughout the contract, even when called on to help design and install elements outside of their scope,” the official letter from JS Mansfield, contract director of WBHO reads. “Their pro-active approach and intricate knowledge under the guidance of Bob Vuletic was a major reason why we were able to complete this fast-tracked job on time, in budget and to a very high standard. We would not hesitate to recommend MSC for any future refrigeration installation.”

At the same time MSC was busy with installations of the new Ice Arena at Bay West in Port Elizabeth and a plate freezer plant for Austin Evans Abattoir in Somerset East.

“We would like to express special thanks to all members of WBHO and to Peter Strachan for excellent working relationship during the construction of the new ID Logistics CDC in Coega, Port Elizabeth,” said Vuletic.

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